Debut Contemporary is an award winning art incubator with a professional development platform and a vibrant contemporary art gallery space in Notting Hill, West London.

Our  mission is to assist talented and ambitious artists eager to turn their art practice into a successful career and a viable business.

In our spacious West London art space, we showcase, exhibit and sell artworks by our talented artists.  A selection of the very best masterpieces is available for purchase in the gallery and online




Debut Contemporary recently won the prestigious h.Club 100 Industry award, being selected as one of the UK’s top 10 most influential, visionary and pioneering businesses in art and design, competing alongside the likes of TATE, V&A, the Fine Art Society and Turner Prize winners and nominees. Debut acts as an art incubator with the mission to enable and assist artists to turn their practice into a viable business and have a successful long term career. Debut equips artists with the business know-how, including how best to negotiate legal contracts with galleries and agents. We at Debut strive to empower artists and we believe artists hold the key to their own successes and major achievements.





You can expect to work with a knowledgeable team of experts in the field of art and business whose passion and mission is to ensure the best emerging artists become successful, without compromising their artistic integrity. As a Debut artist you will be guided and supported in the process and helped on the pricing strategy of your works, on the best ways to approach galleries and art and business institutions in order to achieve sales, as well as, develop a business strategy behind your practice, aided by weekly workshops from some of the leading industry experts.



Whether you are a UK-based artist, or an international artist, breaking into the London art market is no easy task.  Many artists think the way in is to do a Masters or PhD degree, to seek gallery representation, or even hire out a gallery. However, none of the above will work without having a clear strategy of what you want to achieve and how you will get there.  Debut provides one of the possible solutions to these challenges.  We at Debut are addressing the real problem of far too many artists giving up on their passion, and ambition, because they lack the skill set and knowledge of practical tools in order for them to succeed and survive as professional artists within today’s art industry.

Debut artists have been involved in exciting collaborations with fashion and jewellery brands. These include Nike, Converse, TOMS shoes and glassware, luxury jeweller Annoushka Jewellery, fashion designer Irwin & Jordan and luxury chess company Purling London; the latter being sold through luxury department store Harrods.  Debut artist Maia Franceschi is selling her fashion/art scarves through Liberty London and Debut artist Danielle Hodgson is selling her t-shirt line Maison Twenty through Harvey Nichols and Brown Focus on South Molton Street.

Debut is not for everybody. It is only for the most ambitious and the most committed and those very serious about their practice and their career. Your career is no different to the journey of an entrepreneur and entrepreneurs invest in their businesses. We look for mature, driven, determined individuals who have a real hunger for success. If you are all of the above and have what it takes, then please apply!


Our Mission

Artists have historically found it difficult to access gallery space and professional industry assistance in pushing their careers in the right direction. A lack of professional development in the industry has had a devastating effect with respect to the loss of creative talent for decades now. Debut Contemporary’s role is to change that, and give talent an opportunity to succeed and get the necessary exposure within the right networks. This flexible platform is designed to pass on industry knowledge, with the aim of increasing the success rate of artists staying in business. It also equips all participating artists as to how to look at their practice as a business, enabling them not only to live off their work and make some serious financial gains in the process.

Due to the recession and rising unemployment, we believe it is more important than ever that these creatives are promoted and nurtured, and Debut Contemporary offers a sustainable solution to this problem. We enable talented and ambitious artists to showcase their art in a prime location and with a full service offering that teaches how to set up and run an art business, through professional workshops led by successful industry professionals, and one-on-one mentoring sessions. Our simple and all-inclusive licence fee allows talented artists to take their first step into the professional art and retail environment without long-term commitments; artists maintain complete control over their creative licence, pricing (with our professional assistance) and profits (70% net commission goes straight to the artist). Debut Contemporary not only offers emerging artists an opportunity to succeed in their creative careers, but also looks set to deliver a dynamic and stimulating gallery experience, both online and offline.