January Art Dinner at Debut Contemporary


On Wednesday the 29th January 2014, Debut Contemporary hosted its infamous art dinner, which was co-hosted by Pierre Cornette de Saint Cyr, President of Palais de Tokyo who is one of the most influential Frenchman in art and business, with his own auction house established in Paris.

The Italian Supper Club created a pop up restaurant within the gallery and served a delicious and innovatively designed menu that was directly inspired with Cat Soubbotnik‘s photography. Silvio, Toto and their team created a playful, harmonious four-course meal accompanied with the finest Italian wine.

Italian Supper Club

The exhibition of Cat Soubottnik’s work was co-curated with Debut Founder Samir Ceric, Cat’s agent Stephanie Dendura and Pierre Cornette de Saint Cyr, whose expertise and insight into the world of curating was invaluable.  On the upper floor of the gallery Ben Levy showcased a dozen of his latest works including the astounding last supper inspired piece entitled ‘America Hu’. The work is not only impressive in size but also in commitment as it is the result of over a years work by the artist, which is reflected in its value of £30,000.  The third artist who showcased her work was Maria Laura Matthey, whose art performance piece was incredibly well received by the art dinner guests. Her study of eyes not only fascinated our guests but sparked compliments due to the simplistic nature of its concept. Many remarked on how effective and thought provoking the focus of her project was.

Cat Soubbotnik

Mayfair Gallerists Nigel Mead and Laura Carney of Mead Carney Fine Art, attended the evening along with seasoned collector turned curator Jean-Philippe Vernes, who recently curated a show by Hugo Wilson and Eric van Hove, two extremely established artists of today, which was situated at Stern Arts in Mayfair. A touch of glamour and elegance was brought Yukiko Ito Pajot, a soon to be Mayfair gallerist with the launch of her gallery later this year, as well as her friend Monika Bialkowska who is a fellow gallery director. Barry Martin, a friend and respected associate of Debut, also attended the dinner retelling anecdotes of how he played chess against Marcel Duchamp’s wife Tennie at the Tate in 1992.  Among other guests who attended the evening were David Barrie, a serial social entrepreneur and document film producer for art and culture shows on BBC and Channel4; Mark Hanington and James King, the founders of Venture Capitalist firm FIG Invest; Christopher Mills, a former head of PR for Somerset House and now an entrepreneur himself with his company The Events Mill, who Samir met through his creative business surgery session at the Hospital Club. Other creatives who attended the evening included Christopher Griffin, Collection and Research Manager at the Tate who had previously been a contributing editor to Burlington magazine, as well as, award winning architect Robin Monotti Graziadei. The guest list was topped off with couture fashion designer Lisa Redman and a close friend of Pierre Cornette’s, Raphaele Canot, a former creative director of Cartier and de Beers.

Art Dinner at Debut Contemporary

Hence the world of art, fashion & jewelry, business, technology and entrepreneurship came together for a night filled with incredibly inspiring conversations.  The evening created an opportunity to showcase art and promote artists in a non intrusive way and in a relaxing ambiance, in the hope of them finding mentors, patrons, sponsors and influencers who are instrumental in aiding their success.  The concept really embodies the Debut brand and ethos and the philosophy we pass on to our artists and associates. The key to life and business is to create and cement relationships and networks that matter.  To really explore your full potential and establish yourself as an artist of the 21st century the relationships and networks we can help you create are paramount.

Art Dinner at Debut Contemporary

Having won a HCLUB.100 award as one of the top 10 innovators, visionaries and pioneers in art and design in the UK, Debut has been approached to work with a number of award winning artists who want to be professionally developed as well as ‘placed’ in front of some of the most influential and connected people in art and business and understand that a monthly investment of £411 (or £95 per week) over 6 or 12 months can take them a long way and fast-track their art career. Debut’s business model is by no means anything new in the world of business. PR agencies, fashion showrooms and fashion businesses such as Wolf & Badger (also co-founder by Debut co-founders Zoe & Samir Ceric), freelance consultants, business developers and strategists have been around for decades. And one can choose to go to an open market and hire a PR agency or a PR consultant for £500 or £5000 a month or a business developer, or your own gallery space.  This choice is completely yours and differs from artist to artist. However, your success will be determined by the choice of people and teams around you, not your talent or skill alone. In the current art market talent and skill are necessary but if this is not brought to market in the right way and endorsed (sponsored) by the ‘right’ people, it remains unnoticed and undervalued.  Our art dinners allow our artists to independently build relationships and network with the right people, so that their talent doesn’t go unnoticed. The social, relaxed environment of our dinners makes this possible!

Artist Maria Laura Matthey with founder and CEO Samir Ceric

Within the world of art there are never any guarantees at success. At Debut we teach our participating artists to acquire the industry knowledge and develop an understanding how best to invest in their careers, so that it works for them.  All aspects of business assume certain elements of risk, however it is wise to make an investment in yourself in order to succeed. Debut’s mission is to collaborate with you in order for you to gain the success and recognition we believe our artists are capable of.  We’ve done it over and over again and will continue doing so for months and years to come with our main aim to expose and nurture amazingly talented contemporary artists.

Samir Ceric with Ben Levy

If you want to find out more about what we do at Debut, click here Or if you want to be considered to be involved with Debut Contemporary, you can apply here


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By Cat Soubbotnik


By Cat Soubbotnik

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By Cat Soubbotnik


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