Maia Franceschi

Maia Franceschi Nagaoka’s artworks, in particular her collages, make us feel as if we are in another time, space and dimension, connecting with what moves us the most as humans. The work focuses on social and environmental issues, animals in danger, and even the world of fashion that we see in our daily life.

In her collages, Nagaoka, often combines beautiful architecture buildings, adding a touch of surreal quality with an animal, a person, or an object that you can find floating in harmony with the poetry of her thoughts.
Her father was a well-known artist who belonged to the kinetic art movement between the 50’s and 60’s. While she was strongly influenced by her father’s art, she has established her own unique talent through her international experiences. Having a South American father and a French mother, she has been able to see and discover a dimension that links to her childhood and the places she has visited around the world. She seems to be traveling in her past, present and future, while she constructs and deconstructs by appropriating images.

Nagaoka uses a range of different materials and objects to create her works. She says this is key – to have a sense of three dimensional feeling in order to make all her senses awake. She emphasizes the fact that her collages can be touched or held if the viewers wishes to do so. Consequently, this allows them to become one in that particular moment.

She connects all her collages with any kind of audience regardless of their age, social background and status. Touching or simply observing her surrealist images, we are able to enjoy a sense of connection that guides us to our dreams.

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