Michelle Hold

Michelle Hold was born in Munich. She began studying Architecture in Innsbruck. It was from here that she amplified her growth in the artistic field and fabric design in various courses in Paris, New York, Hong Kong, Monaco and London.

After pursuing successfully an international modelling career and a restaurant business in Hong Kong, Michelle is finally following her lifetime passion for art. She has shown in Italy and internationally, won prestigious awards,she was chosen by Saatchi Art for “A Spotlight on Italy”, and just recently selected for ‘Abstraction” by Rebecca Wilson, and she won 1st, 3rd and 4th Showcase on ARTSLANT in 2014 and 2nd, 3rd, 5th and 7th Showcase in 2013. She is presented in “La via Italiana all’ informale” and “FERRARA ART FESTIVAL” which were both edited by Mondadori.

Michelle Hold stands for passion for art and wants to inspire to celebrate life. She aims  to expand our awareness of color and by doing so lift our lives by pleasing the eye and soul.

She is devoted and with the vision that art can and should make a difference in everybody’s life, her abstract paintings  will inspire and invigorate you.

Fuel your soul, regenerate through color and energy:

Michelle’s new series of paintings for the exhibition “Warriors of Light“ brings your insight into a new world where spirituality meets science inspired by the ultimate research of Gregg Braden.

Every painting is accompanied by a sentence of bestselling author Paul Coelho’s book “Manual of the Warriors of Light”

Color is Michelle’s passion. Having worked with important designers in the fashion business and having created new materials as a textile designer for them, Michelle has trained her eye and sensibility to slight changes in color tone.

Her color palette and compositions reveal an exquisite sensitivity to light and space. Furthermore she is aware of the fact that color is able heal your body and soul.

Michelle: “Color plays a vitally important role in our life, because color is light and we all know what a difference a sunny day makes to our well-being. Working in the fashion industry has sensitized and raised my awareness of color and enables me to take the viewer into a world of harmony that will bring well-being into homes and offices.”

Living in different cultures has made me aware that color operates in every culture as a symbol, a metaphor, and as part of an aesthetic system.


Michelle Hold catalogue : Warriors Of Light



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