T. Raymonzrek

A great artist-entrepreneur in the classic tradition, Raymonzrek transformed a practical childhood education into a successful fine art practise. A business man and entrepreneur, a fine artist, and a man of relentless ambition, Raymonzrek takes no less than Leonardo da Vinci as a role model, and considers himself an artist-creator rather than simply a painter. He strongly believes in being self-motivated, driven, and determined to reach one’s own goals and ambitions.

My life’s passion as an artist is to keep learning about the secret of my existence, and my relation to the natural law, with the hope that I can reflect the mystery of it all in to my work

Born in Lebanon in 1967, he spent much of his childhood helping his father with manual tasks –painting, decorating, furniture, and he worked as a mechanic for four years from the age of fourteen, after which he found more profitable work building marble fireplaces and tiling mosaic floors. By 1989 he had decided on a complete change, forsaking manual work to start a hairdressing business, establishing the Unisex Hair Salon in London.

His eureka moment was to unite his mechanical experience with his creative tendencies. Inspired when he visited a car body repair space – witnessing the mechanical movements and splashing of colour he was inspired to create his breakthrough sculptures, each one more dramatic than the last. ‘Sunflower’ is a dramatic mechanical sunflower doused with orange paint, dripping off its canvas and onto the frame.  The ‘Belong to Evo’ series mixes biblical imagery with glowing neon. His works are currently exhibiting as showpieces in Debut  Contemporary gallery, Notting Hill.

But analysis must end here: comparing himself to a magician, Tony encourages us to be more interested in the end result than the process that goes into it. To use his analogy: knowing how the magic trick is done does not explain its ability to amaze.

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