Connor Teague and Sex Society II

Thahab Alosaimi — Debut Contemporary London

 Creativity is in his blood. Whilst working full time in the family business, Connor simultaneously built his portfolio of artwork. His inspiration ranges from the detailed aspect of Mondrian to the erratic side of Giacometti as witnessed in some of his exhibited paintings. As he’s releasing  part II of his debut Sex Society, Connor talked to us about art, love and plans for 2015


Following the huge success of Sex Society I, you’re coming up with Sex Society II. What have you intended to say through these two  masterpieces

I wanted to create a powerful piece to raise awareness of pretty much everything linking to sex trafficking, prostitution, the sale/price of the body, etc. I wanted people to keep going back to it and for them to come up with more and more ideas of what they thought I wanted to achieve with it and I got a lot of great and interesting responses. My intentions now is to create a body work of ‘what makes us human’ which is still in the early stages but you will be hearing more about it very soon.

Both of these pieces, I have had the same feeling when I finished them and it’s good. I want the pieces I create like these to spur on conversations in the gallery and to cause reactions amongst the viewers.

 Among your artworks, which one you love the most? 

Definitely Sex Society l. As soon as I finished it I knew instantly that this was the one. The one that will help me build a solid foundation in the art world to get my name out there. The one were people will instantly recognize a Connor Francis Teague piece.

sex society

Where is your first artwork now?

In the collectors living room. Looking great on the wall

 Dad thinks love is a color but Debut artist Toby Brown says it’s an explosion of light. What is love?

Love doesn’t have to last forever for it to be real. It is a great thing and there is infinite ways of showing it. It is a huge part of every ones lives even if that love is for something so small and for a short period of time. It still was there

 Whenever you’re hungry for inspiration, where do you go in London?

I take the walk from Waterloo Station to the Tate Modern along the river. Helps clear my mind. Or to the Tate Britain and stand in front Francis bacons ‘Three studies for figures at the base of a crucifixion’ room 1940. Ever since I saw it years and years ago I’ve just been amazed by this piece.

 Self-portraits are always controversial subject of experiment. Besides your iPhone selfies, how would you “self-portrait” yourself?

Besides all the iPhone selfies, I would capture my ‘self portrait’ in a series of paintings going through all types of emotions and merging them into one at the end. More like a collage of my face, you would see the true person this way, as I would be painting in the emotion that I’m experiencing. Given me an idea which ill be sketching up.

 How far have you travelled so far? And where are you traveling next?

I have not done a lot of traveling which I am ashamed to say as I love seeing new beautiful places. This summer I’m going to do Europe as a teaser for 2016 where ill be going from South America to Asia.

 What do you hold for 2015?

Going to be a very good year. Really excited to be creating my first strong body of work, it’s going to cause a lot of buzz and really propel my career. I want to have my own studio, need more space as now my art works are on a bigger scale. To really push my name out there, I want a strong following by the end of the year. I want to be a very successful artist of this generation and I don’t see why I wont be especially with Debut by my side.



Outside Hate

By Connor Teague



By Connor Teague


Don’t Hide Beneath that Smile

By Connor Teague


Sex Society Part II

By Connor Teague



By Connor Teague