Debut Contemporary is an Art Business.
We have devised a practical approach to the Art Industry. Our unique Art Incubator aims to empower the artists and improve their positioning within the Art Industry.


The Incubator program focus on:

The Incubator will help you to think and evolve as a brand, alongside increasing your exposure in the art scene.

Personal growth, through one-to-one coaching session with Samir Ceric, CEO & Founder, and a dedicated team to support and advise you.

Networking opportunities, and regular workshops to develop a strong understanding of the art industry.

Whether your are a UK-based or an international artist; breaking into the art market is no easy task.

The Incubator program we offer, is our answer to the current difficulties artists may face while trying to enter this market.

We see no difference in being a successful artist to being a successful entrepreneur. It is a matter of organization and dedication to your business.


Workshops and mentoring with Samir have been a great source of information about the business side of being an artist and the workings of the art industry itself.
It inspired me to think outside of the box and be more confident, ambitious and clearer about my vision as an artist.
Equally, as with anything in life you get as much out of it as you put in. The support, structure, knowledge, great network of talented artists and other people from the industry is there but it’s up to us to take it on board, work with it and do the work. I have been really listening and applying suggestions and feedback I was given, even if it sometimes wouldn’t be my instinctive choice. Challenging at times, so far it has been working really well for me and it’s been a pleasure to be part of Debut.”
Daniela Raytchev



Debut is a team of visionaries. If you are expecting them to make you an artist, thats unlikely, I don’t believe anyone can. But if you believe you are, then  they would definitely help you with everything they can. So far, I haven’t heard the word “no” or “it’s impossible” from  them even once. Visionaries, not magicians.

Every creative mind is chaotic. Debut helped me to connect the dots into an organized and productive way.

I’ve been with Debut for only 6 month. As a young artist who is still figuring things out, I find it useful to have a guide, a helpful hand that can open doors that I didn’t even know existed”

Yuliya Dan