Debut Contemporary

FAQs – Artists



Q. Do you curate the space in the gallery?A. Yes. We ensure that every piece selected is of an appropriately high quality and that the price points are right. We then ensure that the work is displayed in an appropriate manner and curated by our in-house curator.


Q. I am not a London based artist. How can Debut Contemporary benefit me and my career?

A. We have many international artists who are part of the programme from all over the UK, Europe, Asia as well as Australia and New Zealand. All of our workshops are available online, should you miss them or not able to attend them, and we can offer the mentoring sessions either via skype or telephone. We will work very hard to ensure that this programme suits your needs and to make sure you get the best out of this experience. We aim to promote British and UK-based talent and therefore reserve 80% of the spaces for artists who were educated and/or currently work in the UK. However, the remaining 20% dedicated to international artists, and we aim to promote exceptional talent and motivated individuals regardless of where you live.


Q. How much time would I have to invest in the programme throughout the 6-12 months?

A. This programme is a real investment, both in time as well as financially and is designed for very ambitious artists interested in pursuing art as a career, not a hobby. However, you will get as much out of the Debut Contemporary programme as you put in. The workshops are once a week, but are available online. The one to one mentoring sessions are tailored around your schedule and can be as regular and often as you need them. We have events and collaborations at the gallery that are set up in order for you to develop as a professional artist, and those include interaction with media, collectors, gallerists, curators and other art and business professionals. All of our artists are highly motivated and want to get the most from their experience, therefore we offer plenty of opportunities to be as involved as you like. In saying this we understand that many artists have other commitments and we always try our best to work around you.

Q. Are there any networking opportunities planned and specific art dealers/buyers, galleries, media etc that I would be introduced to on an individual basis?

A. There will be plenty of networking opportunities through onsite and offsite projects the gallery is involved with. We’ve already featured in more than 100 publications worldwide in the past 5 years and have direct contacts with the press. Furthermore we work with various freelance journalists and PR consultants who assist Debut and Debut artists to generate more press coverage. As far as the collectors are concerned, our own collector base includes museum owners, museum curators, heads of the biggest corporate collections in the world, as well as dozens of gallery owners, high profile private collectors and the industry influencers.

Q. Being an emerging artist is challenging both financially and otherwise, is there anything you can do to assist with the required investment?

A. Yes. At Debut we have a wealth of knowledge about finances and funding. We are always ready to give advice to those artists who we believe would benefit and could qualify for the added support and external help. We thoroughly believe that the programme is a worthwhile investment and all of our artists will testify to this. What we encourage is that – if you have successfully passed the initial application process – you attend a meeting with us where we can discuss the available options.


Q. Are there any hidden additional charges to pay on top of the licence fee and sales commission?

A. No. The DEBUT CONTEMPORARY licence is inclusive of all services. Sales commission is 30% (+VAT which is included in the price hence neither Artist nor Debut pays for it) of the final sale price. No additional fees, charges or taxes are payable.

Q. Is there a minimum or maximum length of time I can stay onboard with DEBUT CONTEMPORARY?

A. The minimum licence term is 6 months. The contract rolls forward thereafter for the following 6 months, you just need to give us two months’ notice should you wish to terminate.



Q. Do I need to curate my space or bring in any display equipment?

A. No. Our staff are fully trained in selling and curating art shows. We provide a fully serviced gallery space and tools, including professional lighting to best show off your art; however, if you are showcasing sculptures, or video art, you may be required to provide us with appropriate plinths or technical equipment.


Q. Will visitors know the art is by me?

A. Yes. Your name and the price of the piece will be displayed next to your work on the wall. Your details will also available on our website. Interested parties, be it collectors or press, will also be able to access your extensive body of work we will put together on your behalf and happily circulate.


Q. Do I retain control over the price points at which I sell my works?

A. Yes. Our team of experts is on hand to advise you on how best to price your art according to the marketplace, which is an important part of our mentoring programme. Having priced artworks of emerging artists for a number of years now, you will benefit through our knowledge and achieve a very decent pricing structure and strategy for your art.



Q. Is there any space available to store additional works and will the staff replace work(s) once they have been sold?

A. Yes. We provide a limited amount of storage facilities for additional works, which you may deliver to the gallery. Our staff will then be able to curate your space after making a sale or rotate works in order to introduce a variety of works by you.


Q. Are my works insured?

A. Yes. This is included in the licence fee. We will indemnify you from any losses up to the value of 50% of the listed price minus the excess sum of £150. Also, our gallery is fully equipped with a security system including CCTV for your added piece of mind.


Q. Will I know if I have made a sale?

A. Yes. You will be sent a statement at the end of each month detailing sales made; you will also be notified on a more regular basis if we sell a piece of work or if you are running out of available works.





Q. Are there additional fees to pay for the e-commerce?

A. No. Our online shop will showcase the works of all artists DEBUT CONTEMPORARY are working with providing their works meet the criteria of our curatorial committee and sales department. We do not charge any additional fees, however there is a 30% (+VAT) commission on all sales


Q. Will DEBUT CONTEMPORARY handle the customer service?

A. Yes. Much like in any retail space, we provide customers with a single customer service platform. Customers can contact us via email, telephone, in writing or visit us at the gallery. If the customer has a query that we cannot answer, we will put them in touch with you directly, or obtain that information from you and relay it back to the customer within 24-48 hours of the initial enquiry, if not sooner.