Gabriela Tolomei and SEE Art Fair

Debut Contemporary is pleased to announce its participation at the SEE Art Fair alongside many national and international galleries. One of Debut’s top artists who will be introduced to 5000 art buyers and art professionals is an Argentinian artist Gabriela Tolomei. Tolomei will be visiting London from 22nd June until 2nd July which will be the unique opportunity to meet this extraordinary artist on a remarkable mission. The SEE Art Fair opens for public on 25th June with a VIP Private View and closes on 28th June, 2015.


Colour is one of the most important aspects of her work. She emphasises on the use of it, inspired by the magnetism of nature. She develops a vibrant style of painting, with bold colours, simplified drawing and expressive brushwork. Gabriela is constantly seeking for the perfect match between colour, line and shape, such as the search for the reveal of light and clearness in her work. Along her career, Gabriela Tolomei has been collaborating and supporting several non-profit organisations, donating a percentage of her sales. She specially helps the “Orquesta de cuerdas El Divino Niño”, a small string orchestra which includes children in poverty and risk situation in the province of Tucumán, Argentina.

“We exist beyond forms”. Gabriela s search relates the creation, with the pure vibration which produces the awakening of the senses; the unveiling of the soul in the colours. She manages to reveal the invisible as visible. Her paintings beat, inside a heart that shows from the inside to the outside, revealing our sense of life … From the present, past and future contained therein. The loveliness of a beating heart in the vibration of colour, which is mixed with the invisibility of the being.

Healing in BlueEtheric Cities

Gabriela walked a spiritual path, which gives a philosophical conception to her work. The painting always accompanied her in life. She was an entrepreneur; she worked in marketing and project development. And activities such as dance and theatre, and her intense spiritual quest, the study of Kabbalah and meditation practices, woke up one deep understanding and expansion of her existence and of parallel universes. This was the beginning of a magical way, which revealed the vital need to commit to painting as centre of her life.

As she says – “All recovered a deep and expansive sense, and everything I started to live, I received it as a beautiful and immense gift of life; everything was awarded.” There begins the urgent need to translate and transmit her vision and mission through her art. Communicate the change that is built from the inside, and of the time that has come for the recognition of kindred souls.

Love FusionExistencial Flow -2015-Técnica mixta s-tela-118x189cm




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