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Today we meet Lisa Redman, a bespoke womenswear designer based in Notting Hill, who will be hosting an event on the 7th of November at Debut Contemporary Gallery space.

Lisa Redman-Bespoke Design  is a small team with experience in offering a bespoke service of exceptional garments. They epitomise couture and take commissions to create unique pieces, whether is it a sparkling cocktail dress, an embellished ball gown, the perfect wedding dress or an embroidery and hand embellishment piece. Alongside this bespoke business they are now launching a made to order range, which will be a limited run of beautiful skirts, shift dresses and cashmeres.

In preparation to the event, we ask Lisa to tell us a little bit more about her background, business and tastes…

Lisa, how did you become acquainted with Debut Contemporary?

I am always interested in what exciting things are happening in the local area. I have lived in West London for 18 years and in that time there has been a lot of growth and change. Debut Gallery has been one of the most exciting additions to the area that very much interests me.

When I was introduced to Samir and the gallery through a friend at our studios, I was instantly inspired, meeting at one of the very busy private view evenings at the gallery.

What made you want to be a fashion designer?

I initially trained as a textile designer, but fast realized that in the commercial world of design textiles do need an end purpose, which lead to my first job working with british fashion designer Betty Jackson; this was the start of a career within the fashion world.

However my own work still reflects my love of textiles, with hand embellishment, embroidery and bespoke woven cloths, the house signature.

Tell us a little more about your own taste in fashion

I tend to wear a lot of vintage clothes, their shapes inspire me. I generally like classic pieces, mixed with my own work; on an evening out, I am really loving wearing cashmere coats.

From our luxury bespoke collection, one soft dusty pink with embellished crystal and pearl collar, and the other, winter white and delphinium blue  swing coat with fur collar and cuffs. They look good thrown over anything!

What makes a Lisa Redman’s piece so special?

Our primary aim is to create a piece when worn, that makes you feel special. Not only is everything made in house here in London, from the finest european cloths, it is also all hand-embellished to a unique design. Every piece we create is made with equal care, attention and professionalism.

What three words best describe you?

Creative, enthusiastic and excitable.

Give us a breakdown of the challenges a fashion start-up faces, and the challenges you faced making the jump from working designer to business owner.

There are many challenges in starting the business. But was the natural move forward for me at that point in my career, I was privileged to have had an investor to start the business, without whom this would not have been possible.

Mostly managing the overall daily running, managing a cashflow and dealing with the business side of things did not come naturally to me, but I have learnt a lot in these seven years of entrepreneurial business. I have a great team around me, and despite any difficulties it is my real love to run a business creating such wonderful dresses for some very inspirational ladies.

What can we expect on the night of the 7th of November, when Debut contemporary will be hosting with you an event at Debut?

Think it will be a very exciting event. Not only will you get to view the fantastic new collections in the form of an exciting catwalk show, but you will able to look at the work closely and talk with our team throughout the evening. You will be also be able to exclusively pre order any of these looks for your wardrobe…all this is in the inspirational surrounding of the gallery and its exciting works!

 Please tell our readers your top 10 favourite artwork picks from the Debut Contemporary website by Debut Artists and why you’ve chosen these pieces.

I have a chosen a range of works, for a variety of reasons….the overall feel of the selection is sensual, feminine with a focus on texture in a cross section of medias.

1. Heather Breeze by Junko O’Neill, £1,250. I love the soft whispy colours of Junko – O’Neill’s works….. This piece is a particular favourite and instantly struck me.

Junko ONeill.Heather Breeze.2013.Mixed media on panel.50x60cm.£1250

2/3. Miracle and Still by Carne Griffiths, £300 and £120. The technique of both is so sensitive and dreamy.

the-miracle-300x450-1    still-300x477

4. Monday by Agnieszka Koczot, £700. This work is very appealing, in particular in this inspiring mix of fragile and bold, as i feel this echoes my own work… A play on texture and ethereal.

Agnieszka Koczot.Monday.2013.oil on canvas.76cmx61cm.£600.jpg

5. PolaNudes 7, by Giulio Gonella, £700.


6. The judgement by Aida Emelyanova, £1,950.


7. Within by Matt-Lee, £200


8. London Sky by Tili De Arizmendi, £695

Tili de Arizmendi - London Sky - 2012 - Digital Photography printed on C-Type Paper - 45 x 30 cm - 75 - 150

9. The Siren’s Call by Laura Jean Healey, P.O.A.


10. Time Delance St by Susana López Fernandez, £200



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