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Thahab Alosaimi– DEBUT Contemporary London

Alleviation is the name DEBUT artist Ella Prakash has chosen for her solo exhibition in London. This April, Bahrain-based Indian expressionist is exhibiting 15 of her masterpieces through which she digs deeper into several stages of women’s lives. We had a quick chat with Ella as she putting up the final of her exhibition at DEBUT Contemporary space in Notting Hill.


1. Your solo exhibition Alleviation is taking place this April at DEBUT Contemporary gallery space. Could you tell us about the preparations and inspiration behind the show? 

It’s been a long journey, and I have been preparing for my solo exhibition since a year now. I have been very keen to explore my work in the London art hub. Hence inspiration was already built in for bringing out my very best art.

2. You will be exhibiting 15 masterpieces in the show, is there one particular piece that was your personal Alleviation?

I would say every piece is very close to me but “Unveiling Emotion” is my personal favorite because it is about unfolding stages of life which every woman has been through and it very much reflects my life and experiences. I believe that the piece will be most relatable to the audience because of its composition that works as a narrative.

Unveiling Emotions Title- Poetry acrylic on canvas 92 x 120 cm price  ₤ 2420 (3)

3. You are Indian origin based in the Middle East which is a unique infusion between two rich cultures. Does this infusion necessary appear in your artworks?

While both Indian and Middle Eastern cultures have been a great source of inspiration for some of my work, Alleviation however, is my personal attempt to creating art that transcends geographical borders; it’s a project that aims at a universal language that is relatable to everyone.

4. Being an established artist in Bahrain, how do you see the art scene in the MENA region?

Family value and aesthetics have deep roots in the MENA region and only community or family duties keeps a person engaged. The passage of time has witnessed an emergence of individuals with personal aspirations. Art was always a part of this region and with the variations of history, daily life and experiences of individuals in MENA region; one can say that it is progressing positively. Bahrain itself has been so supportive to the art community by embracing vivid art forms and artists from all nationalities.

5. You are a second year artist at DEBUT, the Year of Acceleration. What do you aim to achieve at this stage?

It’s been a beautiful and enriching experience with Debut and especially now I’m having a solo exhibition in Debut Contemporary.

Debut Contemporary opens an opportunity to understand the art market of London with a broad lens on the human experience. I would primarily like to gain an insight into the perspective of the audience and hopefully share my art as a source of delight for them.

6. Do you generally plan and structure your artworks or does your imagination improvise?

All my paintings are based on feminism via figurative expressions. I work with my imagination although I do have a certain image in my mind, as in what I am going to paint. I often start with my sketches then I transfer them onto canvas most of the time. What is created on the canvas does not necessarily need to be a copy or replica of the sketch, reason being that is as I paint, my mood varies between intervals of my thought process. I mainly concentrate on lines, shapes and curve, with very limited colors to describe the patterns of figures.

7. How has Debut assisted you over the past 15 months to become more established?

Debut has assisted me with everything which artist should be aware off.  I came to London for a group show in 2013  on my visit I met Samir he explained how Debut works after joining  Samir has been a mentor and motivator and has supported me throughout the year  he takes artist to a level of success and has make them stronger and  confident. Debut has given me tremendous support with their each weekly workshop, I can see my work has become stronger and with that confident I am going for my solo show .

8. Why would you recommend Debut to other artists? 

I can see where am I now… and what I was in 2013 struggling to show my work in individually owned galleries, Debut has inspired and motivated me to progress further with my passion for art by being a professional artist. For every artist, that has a passion for art and wants to develop their art career, I would recommend them to join Debut.

9.  Is there one thing you would like to accomplish – whether personally or artistically?

My dreams and passion was to became a successful international artist, have the world to understand and be able to interpret my messages through  my paintings and have my name listed among the Contemporary artists that probably by then have had avant-garde art form. I would like to thank Samir Ceric  for all the support and believing in me and my work and giving me a platform in the London, I am very excited about the future shows in Newyork, Italy & India  and  I am looking forward to accomplish many more things and assist others to do the same.





By Ella Prakash

Unveiling Emotions

By Ella Prakash

In Silence

By Ella Prakash


By Ella Prakash

Bounded With Love

By Ella Prakash


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