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Debut Contemporary presents ‘Syncretism’, a solo exhibition by Hector Sandoval, showcasing his master series of works at London’s Debut Contemporary gallery, in the frame of the dual year UK-Mexico, Mexico-UK. This exclusive exhibition will open to the public on the 17th July 2015, with the VIP Preview taking place on 16th July 2015, from 7.30 to 9.30, where the industry heavyweights including gallerists, collectors, curators and critics will be attending. In this interview Hector reveals how his Mexican heritage has influenced his current collection and discusses what drives him as an artist.

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1.      Hector, tell us about “Syncretism”?

“Syncretism” is the fusion through interpretation, taking all my cultural baggage, and depicting the Mexican identity through textures, shapes and colours. I have been inspired by the myth and the Magic of Mexico and nourished by the tradition of my country. I have given back to the world the Mexican culture and Cosmopolitan lifestyle, establishing a vanguard art.

 2 .      How has Mexico’s history influenced your artworks?

Mexican History is part of who I am; even the past is transmitted with a cultural heritage that runs through myself and is shown in my creations.

3.      Has the Dual Year between Mexico and the UK benefited you as an artist?

The Dual Year between Mexico and the UK has been an outstanding international platform and has had a positive effect on my career; creating the optimal frame for the diffusion of my work

 4.      You got a degree in graphic design and dedicated the first part or your career to graphic design, print, advertising and marketing, what made you decide to pursue art instead?

After working for many years in the Design, Art, and Entertainment world. I needed a personal evolution to express myself and communicate my inner world in connection to the factual universe.

 5.      What is your greatest aspiration as an artist? 

My greatest aspiration as an artist is to convey the message of the “Human Condition” reaching a diversity of people and cultures, generating emotions and making my art universal.

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6.      Professionally and personally what are your goals?

Professionally, I would love to exhibit my work all over the world and become an established artist for representing an era and then being in a position to raise awareness of human causes through my artworks. Personally, I wish to be a better person everyday despite the circumstances of life. Finding inner peace is my main goal.

 7.      What memorable response have you had at your work?

I was exhibiting in Berlin, Germany, when one of my paintings entitled “The whisper” caught the attention of a well-known poet. She looked carefully at it, and read the following description:  “The Whisper, the shared secret that takes us to sail together through the infinite seas of passion.” After taking a picture she copied the text into her notebook, asked me for my autograph and told me  it was the most beautiful piece of the collection. For me that was a very rewarding experience.

8.      What is your favourite artwork in your collection? Why?

This question is like asking someone  – Which of your children do you love the most? When I think of that many of them come to my mind like a slideshow, each one requires such a mental and physical work. But I must say “Xel-Há” and “Marybecky” have a very special place in my heart.

9.      What is your most important tool as an artist? Is there something you can´t live without in your studio?

The most important tool I have as an artist is my brain and the connection to my hands and soul. I usually travel with my painting stuff, the less the better, but always take the necessary items with me. The most important thing in my studio is the space, the quietness, the light and the large size where I can have all freedom to paint several big pieces at the same time.

10.      What is the best piece of advice Debut Contemporary has given you?

The best piece of advice I got from Debut is to believe in myself as an artist. I have learned a lot from their incubator program to propel myself as an international artist. Their slogan is “We believe in Artists” which is true.

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