Michelle Hold and Warriors of Light

Warriors of Light is Michelle Hold’s 5th exhibition she showcase this year. Taking place May 21, art lovers will be celebrating light as seen through her masterpieces at DEBUT Contemporary Notting Hill gallery space. Today, Michelle tells us the story of her  upcoming solo exhibition and her dream project.
Michelle Hold profile
Michelle please tell us about “Warriors of Light”?
First of all I would like to thank Barry Martin for the wonderful words in the introduction.
In the times of uncertainty we are living in it is important to have something to hold on as Barry Martin says and this is why I like to share what I believe in and think it is essential to prepare for a different society.
I have picked 30 sentences from Paolo Coelho’s book “Manual of the Warrior of Light”, which to me seem significant and created a painting to each of these sentences. In this way I help the viewer to visualize and reflect deeper about our purpose of being here right now. I call my approach “Thought- Feeling- Emotion”. The more I was saying these sentences in my head and feeling their meaning the more I felt how universal they are, like an ancient knowledge which we lost, so creating artworks was very challenging. Since Coelho’s teachings or universal truths are based on balance it was very important to me to find the exact color tones to make these sentences visual. And I used like the Warrior of Light “Light” as my weapon, so I have completely identified with the Warrior of Light, I can say it has been for me a personal growth I wish the viewer can undertake as well.
Like usual in my art approach I made Collages out of newspaper clips to decide about color and composition , then follow up with big gestures or dancelike movements to get life into the canvas. For keeping up to stay in a positive mood I listened a lot to Gregg Braden’s teachings whom’s approach to life I adore because of his scientific background and his studies with ancient masters.
I am very grateful to Samir Ceric who has been my mentor since almost a year for pushing and preparing me to work for more than 6 months on such a meaningful and ambitious project, as well as to Debut Contemporary for being an important platform of promotion.
What is your dream project?
Oh there are several, one would be to bring this body of work for “Warriors of Light” around the world to important exhibition spaces .
Another one would be to prepare a big exhibition entitled “Like Water” ,because water is a messenger for information and becoming more and more precious and I love what Paolo Coelho says : “The warrior of the light sometimes behaves like water, flowing around the many obstacles he encounters.At certain times, resistance means to be destroyed. At such times, he adapts to circumstances. He accepts, without complaint, that the rocks along the way forge his path down the mountains.Such is the force of water: it can never be broken by a hammer, or wounded by a knife. The most powerful sword in the world is incapable of leaving a scar on its surface.
Or one about “Traveling is sacred” Paolo Coelho :“Traveling is sacred; mankind has traveled ever since the dawn of time, in search of hunting and grazing ground, or milder climates. Very few men manage to understand the world without leaving their home towns.”




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